Board of Directors

Picture of Tony Keitt, Keitt Institute Board President & Member
Tony Keitt

Board of Directors President

I joined the Keitt Institute because of the wonderful work I see it doing to improve and empower women.  As a father of 3 daughters, this is an area of great concern to me. The Keitt Institute strengthens women’s self-image and helps them to be the best they can be in whatever they choose to pursue by helping them establish an understanding of themselves and by equipping them with the tools necessary for life success.

Picture of Jametta Barden, Keitt Institute Board Member
Jametta Barden

Engagement Manager at Workday

I joined The Keitt Institute because I believe in the mission of the organization to build every area of the lives of women and girls.  It is important to me to celebrate women! When we do that, it reminds them of their value and contribution to society.  This is my way to demonstrate my gratefulness to women for being the nurturers of the world.  I celebrate them as my very first teacher.  Women model intelligence, strength, beauty, friendship, and responsibility to all who will look to them, listen to them and follow them.  The entire world needs to see and know the value that women bring to all existence.  This is why I joined The Keitt Institute, to show the world how powerful women are. This is also why I celebrate women and will continue to use my time and talents to uplift them (us) up! 

Picture of Donna Ford, Keitt Institute Board Member
Donna Ford

Vice President of Strategic Account Management at Sodexo

Being a member of The Keitt Institute provides me an opportunity to share my skills in strategy and business development to advance the professional and personal development of women. My journey of becoming a wife, mother, and corporate executive, cemented a firm commitment and belief that empowered women empower women.

Picture of Dr. George Grant, Keitt Institute Board Member
George Grant

Executive Director, Spiritual Health at Emory Healthcare

I have witnessed first hand disadvantaged girls and oppressed women struggle to get a foothold when a mountain of obstacles seem insurmountable.  The Keitt Institute exists to provide hope and transformative programming for the upward climb.  I believe in the mission and in the leadership that guides this work. I count it a privilege to support and offer consultation by serving on the board. We need minds and hearts to join this movement.  Step on up!

Picture of Kathy Horne, Keitt Institute Board Member
Kathy Horne

Payroll Specialist, Chicago Transit Authority

I joined The Keitt Institute to give away what I have received from Jennifer’s leadership over the years. I am dedicated to women empowerment because I believe women everywhere have much to contribute. Being a part of empowering, educating, equipping and encouraging women helps to bring fulfillment to my life.

Picture of Jan Lennon, Keitt Institute Board Member
Jan Lennon

Director of Security, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

After I attended my first Power Breakfast well over 10 years ago, I was highly impressed with Jennifer Keitt’s passion to impart so much valuable wisdom and encouragement to women.  Her ability to make women feel whole and complete leveraging, the word of God, her own experiences, and her subject matter expertise is brilliantly done.  I knew I wanted to be a part of this movement and tell the world about my experience. I have been a strong and active component of helping women and community outreach since I was a child. There is still so much work to be done.  Therefore, I will continue this quest for a very long time. 

Picture of Kim Miller, Keitt Institute Board Member
Kim Miller

Keitt Institute Facilitator

I joined the Keitt Institute because I believe in the work that Jennifer is doing with encouraging and empowering women of all ages especially the #StrongGirls program that is helping to transform the thoughts of high school girls in pursing their best and becoming confident in their own talents and personalities.

Picture of Crystal Mitchell, Keitt Institute Board Member
Crystal Mitchell

Director, Emerging Brands & Businesss at News America Marketing

The Keitt Institute has been a vessel in which I could be a steward of my purpose and help change the lives of young girls. Over the last five years, I’ve developed tremendously both personally and professionally by way of being involved in the organization and by participating in all of the rich curricula that is being offered to thousands of women across the globe on a daily basis. With boldness and bravery, I knew that it was only right to serve on the Board of Directors for an organization that has not only poured into my life, but one that has also given me the opportunity to help the group of young women I was created to empower. 

Picture of Nate Parker, Keitt Institute Board Member
Nathaniel Parker

Implementation Consultant at, Inc.

I joined The Keitt Institute because I was able to see the impact and lasting impression the organization was having on the members that participated in their events.  With my mother and sister being two of the closest people in my life, in two different phases of their lives, being apart of The Keitt Institute allows me to be apart of something bigger than myself that can help provide tools and empowerment to those I care about the most.  I know I could never totally relate to the obstacles and trials that the women of today may be challenged with but I believe that my perspective, along with an open mind, can help lead to answers and triumphs together.

Picture of Nicky Rudd, Keitt Institute Board Member
Nicky Rudd

Vice President ,  Morgan Stanley

I think the voices of women are often times dismissed or unheard to the detriment of our schools, communities, and world. Women have the ability to be great leaders but they are not often given the tools or encouragement to attain these goals.  I am impressed with The Keitt Institute’s focus on educating, empowering and encouraging women and girls to set and attain goals and not to be limited by others.

Picture of Sanford Williams, Keitt Institute Board Member
Sanford Williams

Director, Office of Communications Business Opportunities, Federal Communications Commission

As an advocate of empowering, educating, equipping, and encouraging a global community of women, it is my honor to join The Keitt Institute Board. I believe that women are the backbone of the world, but are too frequently treated as less than, whether it be through implicit or explicit sexual harassment, condescension of perceived failures, lack of workforce human resources for mothers, or the overall way our society places inordinate value and unrealistic expectations on the physical characteristics of a woman, while women disproportionately face challenges financially, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We all suffer when each of us is not permitted and encouraged to strive to reach their full potential. I am fully committed to the Keitt Institution’s mission of helping girls and women pursue any and all of their dreams by empowering, equipping and encouraging women of all ages to live their best lives.