Corporate Training

When we think about successful leaders, the word resonate comes to mind. Leaders who, according to Merriam-Webster, appeal to people in a personal or emotional way and who hold importance for their colleagues. That’s why we created the RESONATE Masterclass experience. 

Professionals who have gone through this programming are working to bring their lives into alignment. Our sessions are filled with conversation, training, exercises, reflection, interaction, and teaching. The four vital elements every leader learns through RESONATE include self-awareness, emotional intelligence, social awareness, and purpose discovery leading to lasting harmony, peace, and accord. 

2020 was an unprecedented year for us all. Born out of the pandemic, MASTERING RESILIENCE focuses on teaching adults how to overcome and bounce back from adversity and challenges in their lives. Professionals tell the Keitt Institute, this program has been pivotal to how they cope during these trying times saying, “I’m not alone. There are others with the same feelings, and the way I feel is okay.” 

From learning character strengths, discovering life passion, and learning to address difficulties head on, business professionals can take their mission to the next level.

Here at the Keitt Institute, we know our thoughts are the catalyst to our success. In SUCCESSFUL THINKING, we teach how our thoughts impact our lives and help us understand our unique paradigm. 

Women who’ve gone through this experience tell us, “I can now work with myself and not against what is natural to me – instead of trying to be what a strong successful woman is supposed to be.” 

This curriculum explains the kinds of automatic thoughts we have, and how we can use our character strengths to think more powerfully, and create a successful thinking strategy. Women in the course say, “I know what my character strengths are, which gives me an understanding of who I am and how I approach life.”

The NOT LIKE ME experience delves into the differences in all of us. We live in a world with 7.5 billion people and come across people who are of different ethnic backgrounds and who live, think and feel differently than we do every day. 

NOT LIKE ME dives into our differences, and teaches how they can be used to strengthen our relationships and create a healthy and compatible working environment.