The Keitt Institute Team

Our Co-Founders

Jennifer Keitt

Chief Empowerment Officer | Chief Executive Officer

As a 35 year media veteran, Jennifer Keitt has been inspiring and encouraging audiences across the country to live their very best lives. In 2014, she molded that passion into the Keitt Institute, founded with her eldest daughter. Jennifer is passionate about building strong leaders and cultivating the next generation of professionals. Jennifer is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Educational Psychology. She is also a certified Human Behavioral Consultant with a Masters Degree in Practical Theology. Jennifer lives in Atlanta with her husband of 34 years, Tony. She has 4 adult children living across the country.

Morgan Holmes

Chief Operations Officer

With 10 years experience as an entrepreneur, Morgan honed her love of helping students into her role as Chief Operating Officer of the Keitt Institute. Her mission is to design programming that produces strong, whole, productive leaders. Her work as founder of MLK Tutoring, which focuses on STEM and college prep, and is now under the Keitt Institute umbrella, highlights her passion to mold the next generation. Morgan is currently pursuing a Masters of Education in e-Learning & Instructional Design. She has a Bachelors of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology. She’s been married to her husband, Reginald, for 5 years, and currently resides in Atlanta.

Our Volunteer Staff

Naomi Keitt

Content Editor

With a passion for storytelling and people, Naomi Keitt has spent the last 8 years anchoring and reporting the news across the country. For the Keitt Institute, she focuses on honing the messages of empowerment, leadership and success. From an early age, Naomi knew she wanted to impact people’s lives, and she does that daily with words both written and spoken. Naomi lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma and spends her free time volunteering with children.